Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Just Ask Mike

As we approach this blessed holiday week, our family is grateful for all the love you have shown us. Mike finished his 4 day chemo drug to help rid his body of the the HLH and combat the lymphoma. He continues to fight each day with out knowing where his levels will be.  The one thing we do know is that Mike loves his family and friends.  He is holding on for all of us!  Mike wants to be home for his Christmas Eve birthday, he wants to be with the grandkids Christmas morning, he wants to hold Bonnie tightly, and he wants to give a big thank-you shout out, to all of his cherished friends.  Right now he is extremely tired and he just wants this treatment to work so he can have more time.

                                                       (5 days ago)

Friends stop wishing about the things you want to do and make a plan to do it this coming year. Do something kind for a stranger and for goodness sake, love your family.  Life is precious in every way! Through the mountains and valleys find the good in your journey, find the good in others, and find the good in yourself.  If you are unsure about how to do this....just ask Mike.

Friday, December 9, 2016


Mike is back at UNC.  We met with another doctor on his team and he said that Mike was a contradiction.  Mike's PT scan showed one thing and the numbers showed another.  After listening and researching,  this genius doctor hopefully found a missing link.  Mike has HLH, an autoimmune disease on top of the lymphoma. The HLH and the lymphoma are fighting, making the cancer do strange things. Mike started another chemo last night, which will hopefully get the HLH out of his body. Friends, we prayed for answers and now we have them, thank you! Keep praying for Mike and Bonnie's strength during these next few weeks.
                 This photo was taken 2 weeks ago with his pastor/life-long friends from PA.

Friday, December 2, 2016


Lymphoma can be a beast, but it has made us stronger, closer, and has us praying even harder.  Mike came home this week with a big decision weighing on him.  His levels have slowly come up on their own, it's a huge relief.    Mike and Bonnie have been overwhelmed by the love and support of their friends and random acts of kindness by strangers.  We are convinced that guardian angels have been looking out for Mike on this journey!  Please keep praying because it's working.