Sunday, October 30, 2016

Free Bird

After having a really long continuous fever Mike was starting to feel like a caged bird.  Our team of doctors spoke with a team at UNC and came to know conclusion.  Mike's nurses and doctors have been amazing, truly amazing.  One special nurse, who helped Mike through the night, even called on her day off to see how he was doing.  I know he has angels looking over him and God's hands keeping him at peace.  

Oncology hopes that the fevers will go away, but to be prepared for the long haul with the mention of having a stem cell discussion in the future.  I know all Mike heard was stem cells.

Around 2pm yesterday a nurse gave him some prednisone.  It only took 15 minutes to totally change the way he was feeling.  What does this mean, only time will tell.  When he felt well enough we took him outside for some sunshine!  Mike's first time outside in 12 days.

 Mike looks too good!  The bone marrow biopsy should come back on Monday.

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