Wednesday, November 2, 2016

NEVER wait on anyone for answers!

Mike spiked another fever last night with sweats.  Bonnie made plenty of calls into the Rex Oncology Department with the same answers....we are following protocol, we are doing everything we can, if his fever goes up bring him into the ER.  Why would we want to bring him into the ER again, he's a chemo patient and was just in the hospital.

Mike loves and trust his Rex doctors, but frustration has set in after being discharged with out any appointments lined up, or when to restart chemo, or even therapy for his shoulder.  How long can you just wait, how long can you view your loved one diminishing, how long can you sit idle with out answers?

I am Mike's daughter, a reporter by trade, and I am damn tired of waiting and listening.  Friends you must be proactive, even if you are told they are the best doctors.  All it took was one google search and one phone call to the UNC Oncology Specialist department.  They had just received my Dad's referral today and it was not marked urgent!  I explained everything, and an incredible man wrote it down and forwarded it to their physicians. I know I had guardian angles looking over my family today.  I may have ruffled some feathers, but Dad needs help. We received a phone call back with in 40 minutes.  They have a bed waiting for Dad and they will decide how to get him back on track with his chemo treatment.  Later in the week he will see a Lymphoma specialist.

Mike and Bonnie are trying to get to UNC, but Obama is in town, and everything is closed. Thankfully Highway Patrol gave us some idea on how to navigate.

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